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skyrim khajiit by ry70uk
mass effect legion by ry70uk
Zelda Battle armour by peatman2020
Super Street Fighter First Set02 by Costalonga
Assassin Creed
Family / AC Syndicate Jacob and Evie Frye Cosplay by KADArt-Cosplay
The Twins / AC Syndicate Jacob and Evie Cosplay by KADArt-Cosplay
We call ourselves The Rooks /AC Syndicate Cosplay by KADArt-Cosplay
Banjo Kazooie
The Grunty Shall Glow by Eli-J-Brony
Rooster Teeth - Achievement Hunter - Michael/Mogar by Phantom-Wolf42
Beyond the unreachable by Ribbedebie
my banjo-kazooie pic by CaptainMexico
Alone in the snow by Phoenix19722
Battlefield 4 WIP 5 by WeasleFire
A second before ... by MetalWolfMk
Mission Battlefield 23171113 by PeriodsofLife
Little Sister by Valkomic
BsI2 by protectorshade
Bioshock Infinite by Deluxepepsi
Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth - Acryl Painting by DraftPlace
Athena by Runty-Hydra064
392-lilith  by arepa999
Krieg by Htg17
Gaige the Mechromencer by Katana-Eri
Call of Duty
Advanced Warfare by shrimpy99
Call of Duty Ghosts Cosplay Art Wallpaper by SPARTANalexandra
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by JenniiLaika
Call of duty 4: Modern Warfarfe 1 by realboyzxD14
Comic Books and Characters
Reminiscence: Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 1 by Smudgeandfrank
Orphan by DraganD
Batgirl by DraganD
X-23 by DraganD
Time Hollow (2) by AuraIan
Time Hollow (1) by AuraIan
Zero Escape (1) by AuraIan
Zero Escape (1) - Version 2 - by AuraIan
Eskel @GC /The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Cosplay by KADArt-Cosplay
WIP 1 Eskel Cosplay The Witcher by KADArt-Cosplay
The witcher - Vesemir from Karh Moren by Quellart
The Impetuous Brother / ACS Jacob Frye Cosplay by KADArt-Cosplay
Dark Souls
Dark Souls by Runty-Hydra064
Dark Souls by Runty-Hydra064
Blade and Rain by Iazcutler
Stone Blades by Iazcutler
DC Characters
Nightwing - Rebirth by DraganD
HawkGirl by DraganD
Batman by DraganD
Flash by DraganD
Dead Rising
Rising Cowboy by EpicSketcher
Dead Rising 2 by MatthewHogben
Dead Island Zombies
Dead Island by mcrmorbid
Dead Island : Riptide - Bestiary by thirdeyepl

Mature Content

Dead Island terror by JoeSofie
Dead Island - Xian Mei by hel999
undyne by Runty-Hydra064
The Grid by CoolcatTerri
Fit of Rage by CoolcatTerri
Dirty Bath by CoolcatTerri
Deus Ex
Adam Jensen- Mug Shot by TheDovahBrine
Adam Jensen and chibi Jensen by Shiya-na-chan
Jensen by SAte2801
Jensen by Myridien
Destiny Warlock OC by WhitexFox2414
The Universe Lead Me to You by WhitexFox2414
Captain Charcoal Drawing by WhitexFox2414
My Warlock Self by WhitexFox2414
Devil May Cry
Nero by LuizPKaiper
: beowulf DMC : by BastardPrince
: vergil D : by BastardPrince
: LDK : by BastardPrince
Doctor Who
Doctor Who - Cyberman by BinaryReflex
Resurrection 4 by JameytheHedgehog
Assault Dalek ('Parting of The Ways'- 2005) by KrytenMarkGen-0
Billie Piper by wings-of-gallifrey
Donkey Kong
Samantha Kong by TazHassiotis
Donkey Kong Country by MatiZ1994
Donkey Kong Country by MatiZ1994
Paper Donkey Kong by ShyKitty20
Dragonball Z
Broly RSSJ by hsvhrt
Bardock SSGSS by hsvhrt
Goku Black by hsvhrt
Black Goku by hsvhrt
Elder Scolls
Battle for Solitude by LordHayabusa357
Skyrim Northern Lights by AloneRacecar
Skyrim: Dayspring Canyon by AloneRacecar
Landscape practice by LuizPKaiper
Ready to steal a pie from the kitchen? by Zil-Foxxxil
Lady Fortune by BlueTwin
Wanted male Witch by BlueTwin
Ms. Noon by BlueTwin
X7-00 Trinity by Vicki73
Overboss by Vicki73
Gunslinger by Vicki73
X7-00 Trinity by Vicki73
Far Cry
Far Cry 4 by shrimpy99
Far Cry 4 - The Himalayas by shrimpy99
Far cry 3 wallpaper by realboyzxD14
Vaas by GiladAvny
Final Fantasy
Lightning - Version 2 - by AuraIan
Lightning (5) by AuraIan
Final Fantasy XIII (4) by AuraIan
Final Fantasy XIII (5) by AuraIan
MP4-12C GT3 by AloneRacecar
C6 Corvette by AloneRacecar
Aston DB9 Coupe by AloneRacecar
Enzo (Forza 3) by AloneRacecar
Gears of War
Mad World by LordHayabusa357
Waiting by LordHayabusa357
Marcus Phoenix - Gears of War (Stencil) by DraftPlace
Baird and Sam Kissy Time - Colors by tare-musume
GTA by rorshaack
Girl with a gun by MikkeSWE
Franklin Of GTA V by realboyzxD14
F620 Car by VampireGirl2679
Grand Turismo
Toyota FT-1 City of Arts and Sciences - 6 by dctoe
City of Arts and Sciences Super Cars by dctoe
Toyota FT-1 In Dim by dctoe
Chrome Wrap Lambo GT2 by dctoe

Mature Content

SPARTAN Intimacy by LordHayabusa357
HALO by Joe-Roberts
The Darkness 2 by MrNero117
The Darkness by MrNero117
Hitman Absolution by shrimpy99
AGENT 47 by Kubi-Wan
Left for Dead
Sexy Secret Agent by LordHayabusa357
Left 4 Dead 2 by shrimpy99
Left 4 Dead by shrimpy99
wow by agitatedCayuse
Legend of Zelda
Zelda: Yuletide Skull Kid (gif) (TP) by abitfrank
Zelda: Shadow Beast (Twilight Princess) by abitfrank
Zelda: Heart Container Love Note by abitfrank
Zelda: Yeti - Yeto and Yeta! by abitfrank
Stuck in Limbo by Brushelle
Indie Game by shrimpy99
Yellow Dawn by GeordieHutchings
Creepy Darkness, Lost And Lonely by GeordieHutchings
Lost Planet
Lost Planet 2 by A-Gr
Lost Planet 3 Utility Rig by BTHR-Zero-X
Fight BROTHERS! by Quellart
We will fight together, to the last dwarf! by Quellart
Dwarf Wayfarer by Quellart
Commission: Loving You by galia-and-kitty
Marvel Characters
Angel (X-Men) by DraganD
Archangel (X-Men) by DraganD
Captain America by DraganD
Captain America by DraganD
: frost piranha snowglobe : by BastardPrince
Mario Trouble Jump by artist Tom kelly by TomKellyART
Princess Peach Pit by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
Princess Peach 2 by arepa999
Mass Effect
Jack - Subject Zero by Shaya-Fury
Renegade Tali by Shaya-Fury
Shep: In the barrel of a gun by Shaya-Fury
Shepard's Chill Party by LordHayabusa357
Die by skyloxgame
MinecraftClassy by WinnieDesign
UHH...Where are we going?!? by CreeperXXD
Chicken Jockey by sambeawesome
Need for Speed
BMW M3 Evolution II E30 by RZ-028-Hellblaze
BMW M3 (Playing with friends) by RZ-028-Hellblaze
Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991, Rose) by RZ-028-Hellblaze
BMW M3 E46 (Blue) by RZ-028-Hellblaze
Poke-explorers! (12) by ColourPanne
Mega Lucario by TurnbullLegend
Marvel Pokemon X-men by seanperez671
309-dawn by arepa999
Portal 1 and 2
Aperture Mermaid by LadyIlona1984
Portal 2 by shrimpy99
Cara Mia (my beloved) by reverseinverse
The portal's Cake by realboyzxD14
Project Sparks
MegaMan X in Project Spark (...Not Really) by MephilesTheDark2182
Alex Mercer by VZdrawART
Prototype Cityscape by griddark
Banner Prototype by SkadiDesigns
Mercer by zozi9000
Saints Row
Whats this light is doing here? by Iazcutler
Absolving Aliens by Iazcutler
Free Fall by Iazcutler
Empty by Iazcutler
Sailor Moon
Sailor Saturn, Soldier of Destruction by galia-and-kitty
Screenshot Redraw: Sad Princess by galia-and-kitty
PATREON FAN ART: Sailor Cosmos by galia-and-kitty
Baby Princess Serena by LadyIlona1984
Silent Hill
James Sunderland by yuvana
Silent Hill 3's Valtiel on my Nintendo 3DS by AncientEchidna
Don't forget... by SkilideCZ
Murphy Pendleton by yuvana
Sonic Generations (3DS) - Time Attack Scores by AncientEchidna
Smash Bros. [Sheik] by Wraeclast
Medli - Sage of the Earth by Wraeclast
Smash Bros. [Fox McCloud] by Wraeclast
Spyro by juniorstyle
Flying Cynder Art by Kahl89
Spyro and Cynder by Kahl89
Cynder stretch by Kahl89
Star Wars
The Accuracy of Stormtroopers by LordHayabusa357
White Sith Smoke by Iazcutler
The Battle of Hoth by LordHayabusa357
Old Wounds by Ihavenoname323
The Last of Us
million ways by ScionChibi
Joel - Headshots #8 by shrimpy99
Ellie - Headshots #7 by shrimpy99
all_gone by ScionChibi
Titanfall Collectors Edition-wide by johnhoupk
Abandoned War factory - hacking station by FPesantez
TitanFall (UPD) by AngryRabbitGmoD
Team Fortress
Team Fortress 2 : Snoipah by DeerCrowShadow
Chubby little Koala [Team Fortress 2] by DeerCrowShadow
TF2 - Insane BLU Heavy by AncientEchidna

Mature Content

TF2 - RED Demoman chilling with BLU Heavy by AncientEchidna
Tom Clancy
The Division by Runty-Hydra064
The Division by thesimplyLexi
Splintercell - Minimalist Poster by shrimpy99
Tom Clancy's The Division- In motion by thesimplyLexi
Quicksilver by Shiro-Rin
Storm X-Men by rickyscomics
Wolverine by JasonGuill
The X-Men. by QWoods
Walking Dead
I wish you would be here.. with me by JenniiLaika
Daryl Dixon by moriartiz
Clementine will remember that... by Samirakate
[MMD] Walking Dead Models Coming soon (possibly) by XHaloMMDArtX
Communication with the Lotus by OhgunAwakenedProdigy
Chroma - Warframe by Orander
WarFrame v2 by HarryBana
Anubis Warframe V2 by VicDeLaCruz
Watch Dogs
Watching Signature by RokketCD
Aiden Pearce Watchdogs by Tebaz
Watchdogs by SebasTengentopero
Watch Dogs code (blue version) by SkilideCZ
World of Warcraft
sylvanas windrunner by ThunderFenix
Lady Arthas by Gwendolyn1
Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor by Wraeclast

Mature Content

The Love of a Death Knight by Costalonga

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Not just for gaming but old classic comics, cartoons, consoles etc.

Submit all your Gaming Art Here!

All will be accepted! Everyone I will get a chance to be apart of the image of the week! So Submit, Submit, SUBMIT!

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I would like to apologize deeply for not being active for the past few months! And I am happy to tell you that everything will be up and running again from now on!

Wow, there has been a lot of new games out lately so I will be uploading the folders as soon as, so get ready to upload, upload, upload!

Can't wait to see all your fabulous art work!

Peace out! :D
Missed E3? Catch up on the up-coming games and news now!…
Watch Dogs (stylized as WATCH_DOGS) is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released on 27 May 2014 for Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with a Wii U version planned for release in the fourth quarter of 2014. Set within a fictionalized version of Chicago, Illinois, the single-player story follows a hacker and his efforts to seek revenge after the accidental death of his niece. The open world design lets players freely roam Chicago, which includes the urban city, open countryside and slums.

The game is played from a third-person perspective and its world is navigated on-foot or by vehicle. Players control Aiden Pearce, a highly skilled grey hat hacker who can hack into the CtOS, a centralized system which manages the hyper-connected city of Chicago. Players can choose to play either against the law, or for it—as a criminal, or a vigilante. An online multiplayer mode is also provided in the game, allowing up to eight players to engage in both co-operative and competitive gameplay in a recreation of the single-player setting.

The story of Watch Dogs follows Aiden Pearce (Noam Jenkins), a skilled hacker and former thug. Eleven months after his actions led to the death of his niece, Lena, Aiden seeks to bring his own form of justice to the culprits by manipulating Chicago's CtOS, or Central Operating System, a supercomputer that controls every piece of technology in the city and contains information on all of the city's residents and activities which can be used for various purposes.
The storyline of Watch Dogs game is built around the concept of information warfare, data being interconnected, and the world's increasing use of technology—questioning who exactly runs the computers they depend on. The game is set in an alternate reality version of Chicago, Illinois, which is one of many cities to feature a supercomputer known as CtOS. In the game's universe, the Northeast blackout of 2003 was found to be caused by a hacker, prompting the development of the CtOS. Creative director Jonathan Morin has stated that the main story of the game is 35–40 hours long.

Love Fable? Then you are going to love fable legends!

Hey guys, I would like to say sorry about not submitting all art, I have been away and had an accident since! I do apologize for this, but if you would like to re-submit it then I will be more than happy to accept!

Have a good day!  :D

- Miss Hannah x
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